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Famitsu scans & details of Resident Evil Revelations 2!

Here’s some of the information included in the magazine article (warning: The translation might not be very accurate. Also, watch out for spoilers):

  • Moira Burton is a new staff member of Terra Save. She’s the 20 year old daughter of Barry Burton. She generally has a cheerful personality. But she’s also known for using harsh language at times.
  • The headquarters of Terra Save is attacked by a special forces unit.
  • The attackers believe that Claire is a spy. One that has been disclosing confidential information. Both Claire and Moira are kidnapped.
  • Claire finds herself alone inside a prison cell on an island. She discovers a mysterious bracelet on her wrist.
  • She later finds Moira, who is also trapped inside the facility.
  • Claire and Moira set out to explore their surroundings in order to find clues that will lead them to freedom.
  • Moira has no combat experience. And cannot use any weapons. However, she can use a flashlight to help Claire see her surroundings. The flashlight can also momentously blind the enemies. Very convenient!
  • Players can switch between both characters in real-time. However, the game is designed to be played mainly with Claire.
  • The new enemies are known as ‘The Infected’. They react like wild animals around humans. And will attack them mercilessly until they’re dead.
  • They apparently find someone who is familiar to them. That person dies.
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Keeping the ball rolling, Capcom’s sent out more screens from this week’s Famitsu to outlets like 4Gamer, as well as a DGS take on everyone’s favorite cover art style! (No word on if that’s the actual cover art or not, though.)

(The images have captions, by the way!)

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The official Dai Gyakuten Saiban site has gotten a makeover to match this week’s news!

In addition to bringing some screenshots and art, the site states a new trailer for the game will be revealed a week from today.

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The Great Detective himself has joined the legal fray - here’s our very first look at Sherlock Holmes in Dai Gyakuten Saiban!

We’ll add more scans as they come in; see our previous post for more info.

UPDATE: Added some more scans, courtesy Kotaku - if you’re not familiar, the girl on the right is Iris Watson, Holmes’ assistant, M.D. and author of the series “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.  And eight years old.

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And here are full scans for Dai Gyakuten Saiban! In addition to giving us a decent look at the game’s visuals, there’s some new info as well:

  • Ryuunosuke begins the game in Japan, where as a college student he’s involved in a certain case that puts him on the path to becoming a formal attorney.  To better study law, he transfers to England along with Mikotoba, where he meets Holmes.
  • Most of the story will take place in London, with Japan serving as the setting for Ryuunosuke’s first case.
  • Court and investigation proceed in mostly the same way, but during investigations Ryuunosuke and Holmes will use “joint logic” - a system where, as Ryuunosuke, you must point out any inconsistencies in Holmes’ rapid-fire reasoning.  (The example shown is Holmes accusing a witness of being a certain revolutionary.)
  • Part of the reason they settled on 3D was to allow for a very dynamic camera to match Holmes’ high-speed thinking.  Takumi jokes that Holmes really set the stage for the game!
  • Takumi has a deep love of the Sherlock Holmes stories, so he’s trying to respect the character.  Holmes is described as falling somewhere between the “storybook Holmes” and a “real Holmes” - a man who focuses maybe too much on his investigations, but isn’t a bad person at heart.
  • Ryuunosuke and Holmes’ meeting is a key point of the game.

I have met some of the most amazing women I have ever known through the game industry. Larger-than-life, funny, warm, sweet, razor-sharp, overeducated women, the kind who laugh too loudly in quiet rooms. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard most of them laugh. One of them IMed me today about how she was leaving the industry and she couldn’t handle the idea of disappointing me but she just couldn’t take it any more, and I told her it was okay, it’s fine, self-care is so important, because it is.

The truth is that after our conversation ended, I put my head in my hands and cried.

I could tell you stories about the voices we’ve lost, the women we’ve scarred, the people we’ve left behind. I want to, but I’m not sure you’d get it. I tweeted earlier today, We should have a war memorial for all of the women we have lost to this. We should lay flowers and grieve and see our reflections in stone. And I meant it. I wish there were a way to honor the people our industry has wronged, and a way to visualize the enormity of what we have lost because of it— some representation of the gap between what games are and what they can be, and the pieces of the bridge between that have fallen away.

—Elizabeth Sampat writes on women in the games industry, spinning off Zoe Quinn’s situation. Read the whole thing. It’s a shotgun blast of a piece. The last line of the whole thing is my takeaway from the last few weeks. (via kierongillen)
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Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney released in NA



Three years and ten months - that’s how long it’s been since Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was first revealed in a blaze of glory (and animated trailer). Since then there’s been a second Ace Attorney Investigations game released, a fifth Ace Attorney game announced, developed, and released internationally, another spinoff series announced, and three Layton games released internationally.

Busy times for both series, but for North American fans, the wait is finally over. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney launches today in North America, and is available nowon the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 USD.  Tomorrow, a physical copy will hit store shelves.

As always, the C-R forums are open for discussion of the game and anything else AA-related. We’re still on the lookout for people to provide content (case summaries, walkthroughs, etc.), so if you’re interested, reach out to us through e-mail ( - no, there’s no ‘s’) or post on the forums to let us know.

Finally, our OC Contest is coming into the home stretch - and there’s PLvsPW artbooks and plenty of other swag still up for grabs!

So dust off your top hats and pick up your picarats, folks. A very special court is now in session.




My only hope is it does not influence SP too much…because that’s what happened with ME3 and it was BULLSHIT.

I may not play it because MP is not my thing, otherwise it looks fun!


It’s stand-alone! FREE DLC.

It actually sounds kinda amazing, Hope it’s cross-platform so I can play with my xbox / ps4 traitors. PC master race!


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Hyped for Inquisition? hyped for Inquisition.